Visual Mass-Spec Share (vMS-Share) is a mass spectrometry (MS) data mining and repository website hosted by the NIST's Chemical Sciences Division. The purpose of the website is to effectively visualize raw MS data, display corresponding metadata and share experimental results.

The website is intended to serve as a repository for the following type of public MS data:

The website offers both study-based and experiment-based data mining/analysis search.

An example of study-based search is searching for identifications using variety of easily accessible search filters. Raw data, experiment metadata and a spectrum can be viewed by selecting a specific identification. Each identification is linked to an experiment and the entire experiment data can then be viewed by following the experiment link associated with the selected identification.

An example of experiment-based search is to pick a data-set of interest and select an experiment to view. The view of a single experiment offers a graphical interpretation of a chromatogram and identifications for that experiment. MS1 and/or MS2 spectra with metadata from the raw file can be viewed by clicking on any point on the chromatogram graph. Experimental meta data and visual representation of the spectra can then easily be accessed by clicking on the marked points on chromatogram or tabulated list of experiment identifications.

Visit tutorial section for more details on how to use the website.